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Move in Dombes Côtière

he Dombes Côtière is at the heart of a major sustainable development project upstream of Lyon: the Anneau Bleu, whose objective is to develop 3,000 ha non-urbanized in the area of the Grand Parc Miribel Jonage. This falls well, the soft modes like the bike are privileged and a long bike path arranged. All you have to do is saddle up!

© M. Dechelette

From the Anneau bleu to the ViaRhôna

The Anneau Bleu is one of the stages of the ViaRhôna, a cycling trail that runs along the Rhone from Léman to the Mediterranean. A green and blue stage that runs through the Grand Parc Miribel Jonage before cleverly traversing a part of the Lyon metropolitan area, between green spaces and water points. It continues on a stunning urban walk along the banks of the Rhone and ends at the confluence of the Rhone and the Saône, marked by the new Confluences Museum with ultra-modern architecture.

La ViaRhôna de Jons à Lyon

You follow the Jonage Canal to the Herbens bridge which you cross before turning left, direction Parc de Miribel. You will drive through the park on a very pleasant green lane. You then cross the Jonage Canal at the Croix-Luizet bridge, on the route along the motorway. Arriving in Lyon, you follow the quays of the Rhone up to the bridge of the Guillotière. To reach Confluence, you cross the Rhone and go down to the south of the peninsula. Attention: Interruption in access of 900 m between Herbens bridge and L'îloz '(Grand Parc) until September 2015. You will have to leave the left bank of the Canal on the Herbens bridge: Bypass route, 1,300 m long, begins on the trail straight after the bridge.
Variants : pPark Tête d'Or, take the docks at the Winston Churchill Bridge
Connections: towards the Place Bellecour, the train stations of Lyon - Part-Dieu and Perrache

ViaRhôna in video on ViaRhône TV : http://www.viarhona.tv/

Le Grand Parc, an ocean of nature at 2 steps from Lyon :

A canoe trip with audioguide at the Grand Parc Miribel Jonage :

For more information :http://www.viarhona.com/

To access the Jons-Lyon section : http://www.viarhona.com/etapes/jons-lyon

Some good tips for preparing your bike ride : http://www.viarhona.com/informations-pratiques/preparez-votre-balade

Before leaving, consult the information about the works : http://www.viarhona.com/litineraire/infos-travaux