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Applaud the Dombes Côtière


In November 2015, culture is honored in Neyron with a week of exhibitions, readings, visits, concerts, conferences ...

For who?
For everyone !

Where ?
At the town hall of Neyron
Place Victor Basch
01700 Neyron

At the library
Place Victor Basch
01700 Neyron

At the Jules Ferry Hall
Place Maxime Sommeron
01700 Neyron

At the Saint-Exupéry Hall
Montée des Écoles
01700 Neyron

In the multipurpose room
Stade Francisque Paye
Chemin de la Traille
01700 Neyron

How much?
It’s free !

Contact informations
Mairie de Neyron
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tél : 04 78 55 33 25