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Break the secrets of the Dombes Côtière

As a main part of the religious heritage of the Dombes Côtière, the Madone impresses with its unusual dimensions. And by the sight it offers. A visit not to be missed!

70 years of history contemplate


"The Madone", a monumental statue of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, is the highest religious statue in France. Perched on the heights of the Côtière, it culminates at 33 m and offers an impregnable point of view on the Plain of Ain.

It was built of concrete molded between 1938 and 1940 at the level of the old castle of Mire Bellum, at the initiative of Father Thomas, pastor of the hamlet. It has a small chapel and a staircase of 151 steps to access the platform located in its crown. The Madone was the place of important pilgrimages in the early 20th century.

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When the Madone swings

The site is completely closed during the festival Swing Sous Les Étoiles which takes place every year during the first days of July. During 5 evenings, musical groups of different universes occur at the foot of the Madone. The music of the Carillon mixes punctually with the performances proposed.

More information about the Swing Sous Les Étoiles festival : www.swingsouslesetoilesmiribel.com

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Guided tour of the Madone

Dombes Côtière Tourisme offers guided tours of the Madone and Carillon de Miribel, a contemporary religious architectural complex located at Mas Rillier and a place of Marian pilgrimage during the first half of the 20th century. You can climb the monumental statue of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (about 150 steps) and discover the history of the campanile and its carillon composed of 50 bells classified as a Historic Monument. On the esplanade of the Mas Rillier, your guide will present the history and geography of Miribel while you admire the panorama of the Cotière, the Rhone Plain, the Plain of the Ain and the Dombes.

Access to the Madone is possible from May to June, weekends and public holidays and the first 3 weekends of September from 4.5pm to 7pm. In July and August, they are open to the public every day from 4.5pm to 7pm except Tuesdays.

You can also enjoy guided tours (see detail here)

Rates : 
2,50€/adult - 1,50€/child
Duration :
1h to 1h15. Group from 15 people.
Informations and reservations :
Dombes Côtière Tourisme
1104, Grande Rue
Tél. 04 78 55 61 16
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