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Vibrate to the rhythm of the Dombes Côtière

Apidae is the leading tourist and leisure information network and is an online database that allows you to create and disseminate information about your tourist offers. Why not enjoy it ?

Why join Apidae ?

800 tourist structures are already members of Apidae. Apidae, a network of users, a collaborative platform and a range of services, provides you with 20 facilitators to accompany you, counts 760 digital projects and already has 9,700 individual users.

To gain visibility, join the Apidae community!

More informations :

How join Apidae ?

Registration for the Apidae platform is simple : : see the tutorial

Dombes Côtière Tourisme can create for you a widget (contraction of window + gadget, that is to say a window whose information content is defined according to your needs).

Here is an example of a "calendar" widget :

Ask now for your custom widget from Dombes Côtière Tourisme!