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Break the secrets of the Dombes Côtière

To the west of Neyron, a massive military fort of the 19th century sits on the plateau of Sermenaz, witness of the military past of the region.

© Laurent Vella


The Sermenaz fort, also known as "Batterie de Sermenaz" or "Batterie de Gribeauval", was built in 1887. It was part of the Lyon defense system: the Grande Ceinture, built between 1875 and 1890, which also included Forts of Mont Verdun, Vancia, Bron, Feyzin and Francheville (fort of the Bruissin). The battery of Sermenaz depended on the fort of Vancia and could be armed with 8 guns and shelter 75 artillerymen. A beautiful building typical of the military constructions of the end of the 19th century, the fort is surrounded by deep ditches that can be crossed by a bridge that is now demolished. There remains, however, only the main work of the edifice, invaded by vegetation.

The site of the plateau of Sermenaz or Mount Goitron was chosen by the military for its dominant position. This mountain, to the west of Neyron, forms indeed a spur overflowing the alignment of all the hills that create the general line of the Côtière. The military building is still visible from the plain of Thil and the islands of the Rhone.
L’édifice militaire est aujourd’hui encore visible depuis la plaine de Thil et les îles du Rhône.

The fort of Sermenaz is open to the visit every year during the European Heritage Days .

Route du Fort
01700 Neyron

© Laurent Vella