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Vibrate to the rhythm of the Dombes Côtière

The Dombes Côtière articulates and creates a unique link between the departments of the Ain and the Rhone. From the Plateau de la Dombes, three landscapes are declined along the water to the canals of the Rhone. Three blue and green landscapes that make the Dombes Côtière a natural destination par excellence.

© Laurent Vella

The Plateau: out of sight

From the ponds of the Dombes to the impregnable point of view that overlooks the Côtière, the Plateau is illustrated by its natural richness and its particular identity.. La Dombes, classée Zone Natura 2000, shares its landscapes between farmland and fish ponds, offering a thousand resources. The marshes of the Echets for example, although drained in the 15th century, still presents interesting fauna and flora. On the terroir, local producers await you to discover goat cheeses, farm chickens and many other products. At the edge of the Plateau, above the Côtière, stands the Madone, a monumental statue that dominates a remarkable panorama open on all Rhone-Alps. Below, the campanile houses a carillon of 50 bells classified Historic Monument. To listen without moderation every summer at the festival Swing Sous Les Étoiles or concerts.

The Côtière: A cascade of greenery

The Côtière, very wooded, offers walkers a tremendous opportunity to discover a natural protected area in virtue of its fauna and flora. The Côtière is also marked by the water that runs through it and feeds it. At the bend of a hiking trail, go in search of the numerous torrents and sources of water, fountains and laundries ...

The Plaine: Source of activities

At the foot of the Côtière, the Plain was designed in the 19th century by the construction of the canals of Miribel and Jonage which allowed the development of a real industrial basin. Between these two canals is now one of the largest metropolitan parks in Europe: the Grand Parc Miribel Jonage. You will be able to practice there many activities, whatever your tastes or your desires. In terms of nature: discover the environment in L'Iloz ', watch the birds from the lookout of the Grands Vernes ... Hiking: explore the park and its surroundings via hiking trails, mountain bike trails or The ViaRhôna. Sport side: skim the activities of the multisports space, the port or the nautical base! Not far from here, Lilô the aquatic area of ​​the Côtière, opens its pools all year round and offers you a health space dedicated to well-being and beauty with saunas, hammam, spa, etc. Would you rather take the air in the countryside? Meet in your farmland to pick your own fruit, vegetables and seasonal flowers all year round!