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Move in Dombes Côtière

The LILÔ aquatic area welcomes children and adults all year round to bathe, swim, refresh or wade. But also to have fun in the recreation area, relax in its wellness and fitness area or relax in the middle of the green spaces ...

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A covered area, open all year

The covered space of LILÔ accomodates you all the year with :

  • a sports pool with 6 water lines of 25 m
  • a learning pool
  • a playground
  • a paddling pool
© Laurent Vella

An outdoor area, open all summer

The outdoor green area of LILÔ is open in summer, from June to August. You can enjoy a lot of fun or sports facilities :

  • a sports pool with 3 swim lines
  • a leisure pond with a river
  • a paddling pool of 30 m²
  • a waterfall
  • a beach volleyball court
© Laurent Vella

A wellness and relaxation area

Every day, your wellness area offers you :

  • 2 saunas
  • a hammam
  • a spa
  • a chromotherapy room

Opening hours of the wellness area: http://www.vert-marine.com/lilo-miribel-01/bienetre.php#contenu

Wellness area rates: http://www.vert-marine.com/lilo-miribel-01/bienetre.php#contenu

See you in LILÔ !
Forum des sports
Chemin de Thil
01700 Saint-Maurice de Beynost
Tél : 04 37 85 87 00
Fax : 04 78 55 39 81
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GPS : 45.82786, 4.984722

© Laurent Vella

© Laurent Vella