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Move in Dombes Côtière

The territory of the Dombes Côtière benefits from the know-how of many local producers. Let yourself be tempted by the taste of the good products and the charm of the homemade ...

The Chèvrerie du Colombier

The Chèvrerie du Colombier offers access to breeding to allow children to discover animals. In the spring, you can watch young kids who are just born.

Chèvrerie du Colombier
425 chemin du Colombier
Tél : 04 78 08 02 79 ou 06 84 49 39 25
Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Crédit photo : Grand Angle
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The Ferme des Fresnes

Direct sale to the farm of farm sausage and farm poultry.

EARL La Ferme des Fresnes
30 rue de l’Église
Tél : 04 72 26 51 46 ou 06 07 01 54 80 

The Ferme de Miribel

Sale of farm products coming directly from several producers.

La Ferme de Miribel
954 Grande Rue
Tél : 04 72 88 26 80

The cueillette de Fraisochamp

Fraisochamp hosts a small animal park that brings together sheep, geese and goats to delight young and old alike. Fraisochamp also organizes activities to discover, for example, the artisanal manufacture of jam or to taste apple juice just pressed!

Route de Montluel
01120 THIL
Tél : 04 78 06 27 28
web site : www.cueillettefraisochamp.fr
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© Grand Angle
© Grand Angle