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Move in Dombes Côtière

To facilitate your walks and hikes, Dombes Côtière Tourisme has marked out its paths using the charter of the Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre (French Federation of Hiking Pedestrian)

In total, these are five circuits, from 3.7 km to 16.7 km, located on communal or private roads. 50 km of trails are now marked for walking and hiking safely. And no need for a car: join the starting point of the circuits from the stations of Miribel, Saint-Maurice de Beynost and Beynost!


Let yourself be guided along the paths with the touristic map "Randonnées et Patrimoine" for sale for 2 € from Dombes Côtière Tourisme  (1104, Grande Rue, 01700 MIRIBEL).

Click on the visual to consult it :