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Move in Dombes Côtière

Around a turn in a path, go around a wash house, orientate yourself with a cross path, stroll in a church ... And go from a universe of small rural heritage to a monumental ensemble of Art Deco style at the foot of the Madone and Carillon on the heights of Miribel!

These circuits make it possible to discover or rediscover, during a walk with family or friends, the heritage that surrounds us. Military heritage in Neyron, industrial heritage in Miribel, textile heritage in Saint-Maurice de Beynost, heritage around water in Beynost, natural heritage in Thil and heritage on the agricultural plateau in Tramoyes ...


Let yourself be guided along the paths with the touristic map "Randonnées et Patrimoine" for sale for 2 € from Dombes Côtière Tourisme (1104, Grande Rue, 01700 MIRIBEL).

Click on the visuals to consult them :